Chapter 1


“God has a motive?”

I question Aesop aloud, but he doesn’t respond. We’re silent for a time, but I start to reflect. Why would god create all of this in the first place? Why even bother?

The silence ends, and Aesop speaks.


Aesop: Let’s start with some simple concepts. Existence always had a reason behind it and every living being has a purpose. You have to grasp this concept FIRST.

Me: What concept?

Aesop: Purpose.

Me: The purpose of…?

Aesop: Anything. Everything. Purpose is the big WHY behind everything. Without purpose, nothing exists.

Me: That’s quite a statement. Is that really true?

Aesop: Purpose reveals motives, and motive is the motor that makes EVERYTHING happen. Motive is the driving force behind all results and outcomes.

As for truth? That’s something you must discover for yourself. No one can tell you what’s true, because it comes from within YOU. I can show you another way to look at things and expose you to a new understanding, but you must find truth on your own.

Me: Fine, I’ll think about it, but for now, I’ll assume that it’s true. Ok, without purpose, nothing exists. So what?

Aesop: So nothing exists without a ‘why’ because ‘why’ drives the behavior of all living things, and behavior always lead to results.

Me: I think I see what you’re saying. Before I take any action, there’s some reason behind it – why I’m doing it in the first place. Right?

Aesop: Correct. This is true even for the animals on your planet. All living things are driven by motive. That motive may be instinct or a conscious choice, but whether it’s automatic or deliberate, the reason why still remains. And ‘WHY’ always drives behavior. Always.

Me: So a dog’s ‘why’ is whatever instinct was built into it? A dog hunts, eats, drinks, plays, and does everything it was preprogrammed to do, for lack of a better word. Instinct carries the dog’s ‘why’, is that what you’re saying?

Aesop: Simple, right?

Me: I think so. That’s an interesting point of view. So, if there’s a reason why behind every action we take, then logically the big kahuna (god) had to have a reason for making all this up in the first place. Is that what you’re saying?

Aesop: You’re not as slow as you look.

I think I was just insulted by an alien…

Me: Whatever. Why does any of this matter? What difference will it make to know god’s purpose?

Aesop: All the difference in the world. Once you understand why the creator created everything in the first place, then you’ll come to realize how absurd and backwards many of you choose to live your lives, considering the results you say you want.

Once you see the ‘backwards-ness’ of your ways, well, you’ll simply turn and face in a new direction. You’ll see things with a fresh mind, and approach people differently. This will get you faster results.

Me: All that just from understanding god’s motive? Are you kidding me? And how do you even know what god’s motive is? Who told you?

Aesop: This is common wisdom where I come from, but I certainly don’t expect you to take my word as truth. Just be open, listen to some new ideas, and judge for yourself. If you FEEL it resonates with you, then remember our agreement. Share the message with 1,000 people. That’s all I’m asking.

Me: Ok, that works for me. What’s next?

This lesson on purpose taught me something. Even as I write down my notes, I see there’s a motive, or a reason behind my actions. I see a bird fly by, and I see purpose behind the bird’s movements. Someone just zoomed by on their motorcycle, and I feel the purpose driving him to his destination. It seems so incredibly obvious, but I’m amazed at the impact this is starting to have on me.

I’m excited. Anticipation is flowing through my whole body, and now I just wanna know: what is god’s reason for kickstarting the universe?

I never thought of this before, but now it seems like the obvious question to ask – dare I say, the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION to ask – like EVER? I usually hear people say, “Why am I here?” or “Why me?”, but not, “Hey God! Why did you even bother creating all of this in the first place?”

This strange looking creature knows something. I start to wonder if he’s leading me astray or feeding me bad information, but like he said, I can take it or leave it. A ton of thoughts are racing through my head, but I can’t even think straight because now I HAVE to know WHY.